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FRESOR Design Team Wins iF Design Award 2024 for Innovative Enviro Vape

The FRESOR Design Team has been honored with the prestigious iF Design Award 2024 for their groundbreaking product, Enviro Vape (iF Design Award-winning link). This accolade highlights the team's unwavering commitment to sustainability and design excellence, setting a new benchmark in the vaping industry.

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Background and Inspiration

In today's world, improper disposal of batteries and e-cigarette waste has become a significant environmental concern. Addressing this challenge head-on, Enviro Vape was created with the environment in mind, utilizing recyclable and degradable materials throughout its construction.

Innovative Design and Features

Eco-Friendly Materials

Enviro Vape stands out with its construction using eco-plastic on the inside and eco-paper on the exterior, both of which are recyclable. This choice of materials underscores FRESOR's dedication to reducing environmental impact.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Eco-Friendly Materials for different vape flavors solution

Eco-Friendly Materials for different vape flavors solution

Easy and Unique Recycling Design

One of Enviro Vape's most innovative features is its simple battery removal mechanism. By tearing along a dotted line in the middle of the device, users can easily split the device into two parts to access and remove the battery. The device and its outer paper, both made of degradable materials, can be conveniently recycled after separation.

 Easy and Unique Recycling Design

Commitment to Sustainability

At FRESOR, the commitment to sustainable development is unwavering. The team crafts products and solutions that are both user-friendly and environmentally conscious. FRESOR continues to inspire consumers with creative, high-quality products that enhance lives while reflecting a strong dedication to the future.

About iF Design Award

The iF Design Award, established in 1953, is one of the most prestigious and reputable industrial design awards globally. Regularly selected annually by the Hannover Forum Design, Germany's oldest industrial design organization, it is renowned for its independent, rigorous, and reliable award philosophy. The award aims to enhance public understanding of design, with its most important gold award often referred to as the "Oscar of the product design industry."


FRESOR is a leading vaping technology platform distinguished by its two advanced platforms: MAX, catering to performance needs, and NOVA, focusing on flavor. The company's automated and lean manufacturing processes enhance cost efficiency. With years of experience and a mature production management system, FRESOR offers comprehensive, one-stop custom services to meet diverse consumer needs.


FRESOR's recognition with the iF Design Award 2024 for Enviro Vape underscores their innovation and dedication to sustainability. This achievement not only sets a new standard in the vaping industry but also reinforces the importance of environmentally conscious design in today's market. FRESOR remains committed to delivering products that enhance consumer lives while protecting our planet

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