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ALD's FRESOR Nova & Combo 4-in-1 Shine at VaperEXPO UK 2024

Innovative Technologies Take Center Stage

ALD Group Limited made a splash at The VaperEXPO UK 2024 from May 10th to 12th with the unveiling of its cutting-edge FRESOR Nova technology upgrade and the innovative product Combo 4-in-1, which harnesses this new technology. Making its debut at the expo, this product immediately became the talk of the show, capturing the attention of the entire vaping industry. Attendees flocked to ALD's booth to get a closer look at this buzz-worthy creative idea.

VaperEXPO UK 2024 FRESOR booth

FRESOR: Leading Technological Advancements

FRESOR, a technology brand of ALD Group Limited, was grandly launched in Europe for the first time at The VaperEXPO UK 2023. Currently, FRESOR boasts two distinct technology divisions: FRESOR Max, which focuses on the Dual Mesh Coil and offers solutions for large-capacity disposable vapes; and FRESOR Nova, which focuses on small-capacity products including pod systems and disposable vapes, with a crystal-clear e-liquid tank designed for the European market in compliance with TPD regulations.

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Continual Improvement and Market Success

After a year of refinement, vapes powered by the Nova platform have matured significantly, earning widespread acclaim from partners and receiving positive feedback from the market. This year, the new Nova platform has not only achieved an upgrade in capacity but also improved taste, vaping consistency, and better support for automated production technology.

FRESOR Nova Tech platform

Major Technological Breakthroughs

The latest iteration of the Nova platform introduces two major technological breakthroughs.

  • Nova features an integrated structured cotton—Unicot. Unlike traditional multi-layer non-woven materials, the gap size of Unicot’s fiber can be adjusted and customized in all directions, thus fit for varieties of e-liquid. In addition, Unicot is made of natural high-purity cotton with lowest impurity content (Fe3+<1ppm), ensuring a pure taste.
  • Another significant innovation is the Nano mesh, which enhances vapor smoothness by increasing the roughness on the heating coil's surface. This also results in an expanded effective heating area per unit, improving resistance to carbon buildup and extending the lifespan of the coil.

Showcasing the Future: Combo 4-in-1

Combo 4-in-1

Powered by the latest FRESOR Nova technology, Combo 4-in-1 was impressively presented at The VaperEXPO 2024. The product gained enthusiastic response and praise for its unique ingenuity. This 4-in-1 device resembles a drawer, featuring four independent 2mL disposable pods that allow for customizable flavor combinations, offering both versatility and a sense of community. Its compact size makes it convenient for the on-the-go use. The transparent pods and a digital screen provide users a clear view of both e-liquid and battery level.

Anticipation for Future Innovations

With further investment in research and development, as well as ongoing technological innovation, anticipation is growing for the exciting and creative products that FRESOR will unveil in the future.

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